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2017 Asian Open Champion – Anton Minenko

In News | on September 16, 2017

Anton Minenko from Garra BJJ/Roger Gracie Academy Brisbane is the new Brown Belt Super Heavy weight and Open weight champion of the 2017 IBJJF Asian Open held in Japan on Sunday 10 September 2017.


Anton executed the perfect combination of technique, strategy and sportsmanship as he put his skills on display on the international stage.


In the Open weight semi final Anton won a very tough fight against the current Ultra Heavy weight European Champion who had around 30kg on Anton.


The final for the Open weight was extremely impressive. Anton submitted one of the most promising up and coming names of the Japanese BJJ scene,  Go Utagi.  Sinking a beautiful choke in under 30 seconds to take the gold.  It is definitely worth checking out the Video on the Garra BJJ YouTube page.


Anton Minenko was certainly one of the biggest stand outs of the entire competition that also included the accomplished Keenan Cornelius who won the Black Belt Open weight division.


Team Garra is very proud of the commitment and determination Anton has put into his training leading up to this competition and the work has paid off!

We look forward to 2018 when Anton will seek to defend his champion title.


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