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Matheus Carmona Seminar 19 & 20 May 2018

In News | on March 26, 2018
Garra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has the tradition of bringing in high level Jiu Jitsu practitioner from around the world and embedding them in the school to teach, train and socialise as part of the team. In 2018 this special guest will be Matheus Carmona. Matheus is a 2rd degree Black Belt whose credentials speak for themselves. The current Brazilian middleweight NoGi Champion, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience ready to share with you. Hailing from the same gym as Prof. Eduardo Dias (Akxe Jiu Jitsu) Matheus is an amazing coach who focuses on students understanding the reasons and concepts of a technique as much as the practical application. Outside of his 9-5 profession as a lawyer, Matheus also runs his own business “Rio BJJ Camp” where he hosts students from all over the world in a Penthouse in RIO while they train each day among the best Jiu Jitsu practitioners in the world. Many Garra students have participated in the camp. Matheus is a great connection for any who trains Jiu Jitsu and has dreamt about traveling and training in Brazil. Akxe Jiu Jitsu has around 400 students, including dozens of Black Belts of all ages so there is no shortage of quality training partners. For more details check out www.riobjjcamp.com Unfortunately Matheus’s visit is not as long as usual so he will be focusing on conducting a two day seminar geared at all the positions that he used to become a Gi and NoGi World Champion.
  • Takedowns Cross-Collar Techniques
  • Inverted Half Guard
  • Knee-ride Secrets
  • “Brazilian Secret” Attacks & Submissions
  • Sneak Passes and Sweeps
If you have been lucky enough to have already been coached and/or trained with Matheus then you know. If not, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to learn from a true master of Jiu Jitsu. To book and pay for placement at the seminar, use this link: http://garrabjj.com.au/mc_seminars Open to all clubs and all levels. Love Live – Live Jiu Jitsu
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