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Anton Minenko – Bronze in 2018 Worlds

In News | on June 20, 2018
June 2018, Garra BJJ Brown Belt Anton Minenko travelled to the USA for this first time competing in the IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championship. (The holly grail of competitions)

Competing against fighters from all over the world Anton won his first 3 fights to take him into the Semi-Finals and a chance to gold.

The semi-final Anton quickly shot for a take-down to press the action early and establish dominance. After going out of bounds his opponent quick jumped to half guard and Anton went to work passing however in attempting to do so both competitors fell into a 50/50 guard where Anton immediately started attacking the legs.

Anton continued to attack the leg however his opponent was able to come on top and received 2 points for a sweep. and took the lead.

In the top position Anton's opponent just held the 50/50 position with little to no attempt to pass or improve his position

After several minutes Anton got a sweep taking top position as well as receiving 2 points and evening the score. Anton was back to working the pass and continue to attack the leg looking for the finish.

As the time played out Anton continued his attack trying to make something happen but his opponent was satisfied with just hanging on and stalling the action. From most accounts, Anton controlled the fight and was actively seeking the pass and submission and bought his ticket to the final!

However, 2018 was not meant to be and in a questionable decision from the judges the win went to Anton's opponent ending Anton's campaign for gold.

Anton had fought well and showed the spirit of a warrior and his efforts would not go unrewarded, receiving a Bronze medal for his first Jiu Jitsu Worlds.

Garra is very proud of Anton's dedication to Jiu Jitsu and very happy for his success!

A big thank you to Rodrigo Carvalho from Akxe Jiu Jitsu/Elite MMA for hosting Anton while in the US. #BJJfamily

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