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2018 Mid-Year Grading Ceremony

In News | on July 7, 2018
Time flies! So many major events have occurred in 2018 it is hard to believe we are half way through the year already. As always the Garra BJJ family continues to grow and improve both on and off the mats. It is truly wonderful to see. Mid-year grading was again a fantastic event with students from each of our 4 locations coming together to train and be one as a team. We again had our friends from BBQ Meat Lovers provide amazing catering which is always a treat but of course we cannot forget the reason behind grading day which is to award the hard work and dedication of students with new belts and stripes. This grading was particular momentous with Prof. Eduardo Dias (Garra BJJ Founder and Head Coach) being awarded his 4th Degree via a heart felt video presentation from his instructors Prof Vinicos Campelo (6th Degree Black Belt), Prof. Roberto Traven (6th Degree Black Belt) & Prof. Octavio Couto (5th Degree Black Belt) and Roger Gracie (4th Degree Black Belt). A huge congratulation to Prof. Eduardo Dias on 14 years of continuous dedication to training and teaching the art of Jiu Jitsu! Garra BJJ would also like to make special mention to its newest Black Belts Tie Passos & Anton Minenko. Both dedicated students, instructors, competitors and all around amazing human beings who has been training Jiu Jitsu for over 10 years and are the 8th & 9th Garra Jiu Jitsu Black Belts under Prof. Eduardo Dias. Among these momentous occurrences we do not forget the achievements of all the other students who were promoted with the names and belts awarded listed below. Parabéns para todos que receberam a fixa nova!!! 

Adult Belt Promotions

Brown Belts
  • Matt Bowden
  • Maartin Froneman
  • Casey O'Connor
Purple Belts
  • Damian Anderson
  • Scott Dempster
  • Simon Gossman
  • Jarrod Warner
Blue Belts
  • Jef Cerulus
  • Yerik Nooire
  • Roland Leech
  • Travis Sahpy
  • Cameron Sinclar

Junior Belt Promotions

Orange/White Belts
  • Sam Newsome
  • Garid Tugei
  • ShiKaylah Maeagher
  • Isiah Maeagher
  • Kodi Souilijaert
Yellow/Black Belts
  • Alexis Hoang
  • Lucas Miller
Yellow Belts
  • Ana Poloa De Almeida
  • Hugo De Almeida
  • Cameron Chalmer
  • Issac Sinclar
  • Theo Song
Yellow/White Belts
  • Blake McLachlan
  • Kaziah Papa
Grey/Black Belts
  • Ziggy Collins
  • Bella KarDanowicz
  • William Walles
  • Anne Phung
  • Koby Peirce
  • DreyKen Papa
  • Austin Harrison
  • Jayden Harrison
  • Jasmin Specht
Grey Belts
  • Kenzia Browne
  • Teanna Browne
  • Lara Nagy
  • Daisy Renyolds
  • Max Renyolds
  • Amber Renyolds
  • Charlie Renyolds
  • John Ravill
  • Devan Gupta
  • Leila Spirkes-Dos Santos
  • Kaitlyn Low
  • Yazmin Stewart
  • Aidan May
  • Steele
  • Lode Lasschugt
  • Dustin Caliguiri
  • Ella Na
  • Sagul Hammed Jahirltassain
Grey/White Belts
  • Zara Nagy
  • Nina Hameiri
  • Tabitha Tattis
  • Issac Kelly
  • Jennifer Kennon
  • Samuel Kennon
  • Shervin Refachi
  • Mika Spirkes-Dos Santos
  • Scarlett May
  • Raentta'Jae Low
  • Nico Wood
  • Thed Hameiri
  • Josuha Hameiri
  • Claudia-Bella Sten
  • Fredrick Sten
  • Javian Hedrick
  • Kyran Chong
  • Angus Hain
  • Isabellia De Sousa
  • Jippe Lasschugt
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