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2018 End of Year Grading

In News | on December 8, 2018
What a year, 2018 has been amazing.

So many major events have occurred it is hard to believe it is almost over. As always the Garra BJJ family continues to grow and improve both on and off the mats.

The end-of-year grading as always was a fantastic event with students from each of our 4 locations coming together to train and be one as a team.

We again had our friends from BBQ Meat Lovers provide amazing catering which is always a treat but of course we cannot forget the reason behind grading day which is to award the hard work and dedication of students with new belts and stripes.

This grading was other momentous occasions with Michael Pegg being awarded his Black Belt.  Michael is a dedicated student, instructor, competitor and our in-house (fully qualified) fitness and rehab guru. Training Jiu Jitsu for 11 years he is the 10th Garra Jiu Jitsu Black Belts under Prof. Eduardo Dias.

WHile we celebrate this particularly huge achievement, we do not forget the achievements of all the other students who were promoted with the names and belts awarded listed below.

Parabéns para todos que receberam a fixa nova!!! 

Adult Belt Promotions

Brown Belts
  • Fabio De Almeida
  • Hsing-Yu Ju
Purple Belts
  • David Butler
  • Pelipe Cespedes
  • Carlos Eduardo Imbroisi Filho
  • Michael Gamely
  • Blair Clark
  • Gregory Curtis
Blue Belts
  • Chris Nielsen
  • Pedro Carvalho
  • Tim Praeger
  • Matt Wood
  • Ekaterina Young
  • Kelby O'Shea
  • Jerrery Kwan

Junior Belt Promotions

Orange/White Belts
  • Stephanie Tame
  • Zoe Tame
  • Haley   Tame
  • Aryiana Thomas
Yellow/Black Belts
  • Izack Sinclair
Yellow Belts
  • Zyta Stewart
  • Vivaan Ingle
  • Tamati Marsh
  • Lucas Sinclair
  • William Sinclair
  • Blake   Mclachlan
Yellow/White Belts
  • Hailey Hopkins
  • TeAmakura Paio-MacDonald
  • Jasmine Specht
  • Andreas Specht
  • Anne Phung
Grey/Black Belts
  • Yoda Lasschuijt
  • Aidan May
  • Leila Sparks - Dos Santos
  • Daisy Reynolds
  • Amber Reynolds
  • Max Reynolds
  • Charlie Reynolds
  • Sagul Hammed Jahir Hussain
  • Pearl Baxi
  • Steele Zamorski
Grey Belts
  • Joaquim Da Conceicao
  • Mason McDowell
  • Javian Hendrick
  • Kees    Luffman
  • Angus Hain
  • Jokob Gossman
  • Noah   Gossman
  • Scarlett May
  • Nevah Wanoa
  • Jennifer Kennon
  • Samuel Kennon
  • Isaac   Kelly
  • Shervin Refahi
Grey/White Belts
  • Logan Batiste
  • Olivia   Hinz
  • Lachlan Hallman
  • Manaia Temete
  • Rylan   Watkins
  • Elora    Morris
  • Harry Lester
  • Mai'via Simi
  • Max Wood
  • Harry   Scalongne
  • Lieve   Lasschuijt
  • Toby    Hinds
  • Jessi    Luffman
  • Hudson Smith
  • James Lloyd
  • Clancy Ponting
  • Connor Henderson
  • Hunter Lacey
  • Senan Sheridan
  • Tushig Tugei
  • Joao    Perrigo
  • Liam    Hefford
  • Angela Kelly
  • Andrea Alvarado
  • Daniela Alvarado
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