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Garra BJJ – 2019 Mid-Year Grading

In News | on June 24, 2019

It’s grading time again.

We are only half way done with 2019 and already so many major accomplishments. As always, the Garra BJJ family continues to grow and improve both on and off the mats. It is truly humbling to see.

Grading was a fantastic event as always with students from across our 5 locations coming together to train and be one as a team. We had our friends from BBQ Meat Lovers provide amazing catering. Which is always a treat. Of course we cannot forget the reason behind grading day which is to reward the hard work and dedication of students with new belts and stripes.

While all belt promotions are signigicant. The promotion to Black Belt is still one of the most revered in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With roughly 3% of students who start, reaching this level. With that in mind.

Garra Jiu Jitsu would like to congratulate its newest Black Belts. Brendan Barkeij & Matt Friend. Both dedicated students, instructors and all around amazing humans. Training Jiu Jitsu for 10 years. Matt & Brendan are the 11th & 12th Garra Jiu Jitsu Black Belts under Prof. Eduardo Dias.

Prof. Eduardo Dias & Brendan Barkeij
Prof. Jason Miller & Matt Friend

Importantly, Matt Friend is the first Black Belt to be awared under Prof. Jason Miller. Jason is one of Prof. Eduardo’s longest practicing students and is the owner and head coach of Garra Lawnton.

Now let’s not forget the achievements of all the other students who were promoted with the names and belts awarded listed below.

Parabéns para todos que receberam a fixa nova!!! 

Adult Belt Promotions

Brown Belts

  • Robin Heka
  • Alexander Soutar
  • Nicholas Zuj
  • Rhoison Harris
  • Matthew Barr
  • Douglas Ly

Purple Belts

  • Dan Queen
  • Dmitry Morov
  • James Lanell

Blue Belts

  • Nicholas Mascali
  • Scott Burns
  • Micky Collins
  • Chris Storm
  • Duane Brown
  • Jessica Llyod
  • Christian Knapp
  • Kellie Thompson
  • Eddy Foster
  • Chris Stilton
  • Nicholas Gresham
  • Eder Lima

Junior Belt Promotions

Orange Belts

  • Kobi Hopkins
  • Zoe Tame
  • Hayley Tame
  • Sh'Kaylah Meagher

Orange/White Belts

  • Lucas Miller
  • Izack Sinclair

Yellow/Black Belts

  • Lucas Sinclair
  • William Sinclair
  • Vivaan Ingle
  • Blake mclachlan
  • Cameron Chalmers
  • Hugo De Almeida
  • Ana Paola De Almeida

Yellow Belts

  • Jasmine Specht
  • Helena Ho

Yellow/White Belts

  • Leila Sparks-Dos Santos
  • Charlie reynolds
  • Maximilian Reynolds
  • Steele Zamorski
  • Aiden May
  • Sagul Hammed Jahir Hussain
  • Javian Hedrick
  • Billy Broomfield

Grey/Black Belts

  • Kaitlyn Low
  • Sam Kennon
  • Jennifer Kennon
  • Lara Nagy
  • Kenzia Browne
  • Teanna Browne
  • Ketia Browne
  • Justin Phung
  • Scarlett May
  • Pearl baxi

Grey Belts

  • Connor Thompson
  • Raenetta-Jae Low
  • Mika Sparks-Dos Santos
  • Angela Kelly
  • Zara Nagy
  • Joao Perrigo
  • Daniela Alvarado
  • Andrea Alvarado
  • Nina Hameiri
  • Theo Hameiri
  • Joshua Hameiri
  • Jessi Luftman
  • Jett Luftman
  • Andreas Specht
  • Ronn James Alvarez
  • Clauida-Bella Sten
  • Frederick Sten
  • Kyran Chong
  • John Barrell
  • Noah Gossmann

Grey/White Belts

  • Tiahna Crompton
  • Eli McCullough
  • Luca Taylor
  • Jack Wood
  • Maximilian Young
  • Isaac Rawlinson
  • Corbin Carpenter
  • Katie Robb
  • Anna Pham
  • Elijah Zamorski
  • Nyaha Zamorski
  • Kynan Telford
  • Arjuna Goreing
  • Mason Bowen
  • Mark Russ
  • Sunny Russ
  • Sarwath Khar Jahir Hussain
  • Maxqua Tonumaipea
  • Blessing Lina-Chanel Tonumaipea
  • Levi Dodds
  • Mila-Riann Soutar
  • Dante Curtis
  • Aaron Alvarez
  • Millie Lines
  • Harry Lines
  • Archie Lancashire
  • Izabella Caliguiri
  • Rafael Aquino
  • Henry McDowell
  • Madelynn Strong
  • Lachlan Strong
  • Michael Wong
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