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Practictioners of  BJJ receive different colour belts depending on their skill level and age (Stripes are used to denote levels between belts):


Whilst a student at the Garra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, students will also receive numerous stripes, between belts upon successful grading. Stripes indicate levels. There are 4 levels to each belt. Students will receive these stripes in all belts Junior and Adult white to brown belts.

Once a student has been awarded a black belt level, further stripes can still be achieved through merit and life long commitment to the martial arts. Once all further stripes have been achieved, the Master will receive a red belt.

This is the highest level that a Master can achieve. Achieving stripes in BJJ is very significant, as it is a step closer for students to gain more knowledge and understanding about the system. It is also a motivational factor for the students to train and dedicate themselves even harder.
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