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My teaching method is based upon the encouragement and confidence building of the student; discipline and desire is the result of the effective application of this principle.

Rank: BJJ Purple Belt

Operating his own BJJ and Yoga studio (“The Mat 4020”) on the Redcliffe peninsula Peter has been a lifelong practitioner of martial arts. He has learned, practiced and taught different striking and grappling styles for over 30 years. Peter has had success as a Kick Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai trainer and has focused his martial learning on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu over the last 10 years. Peter is an experienced level 3 Rugby coach having worked with players from first time juniors to premiere grade adults and consequently he is the founder of “Power2Play” a company that specializes in tackle tech, collision dynamics and contact safety. Due to his involvement in teaching, coaching and training a diverse range of sports a he is able to cater to broad range of ages and abilities.
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