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BJJ 101 – Online Library

In News | on January 29, 2021

Garra Jiu Jitsu – Online Library

As we all know, Jiu-Jitsu is an extremely technical and detailed sport, so it is not always possible to retain everything you learn during each class. While regularly hitting the mats remains the best way to advance your Jiu-Jitsu understanding and practical application of techniques, it’s not the only avenue for advancing your development. For that reason, our team at Garra Jiu-Jitsu has developed an online library, especially for Garra students. BJJ101 is based on the Garra curriculum, which includes hundreds of techniques with detailed step-by-step instructions.
BJJ101 is the perfect resource to complement your physical mat time by allowing you to review techniques before and after training. It gives you the edge in refining your personal Jiu-Jitsu skills. 
Why use BJJ101 If there is a tonne of free clips on YouTube?

Great question! As BJJ101 is based on the Garra curriculum, it is specially designed to complement your physical class time and what you are being taught, as opposed to the countless variations and opinions shared on other sites. BJJ101 keeps you focused on the syllabus you are already learning. This means your progress is quicker as you are not wasting time trying to patch ideas and concepts together. 

We are confident you will notice a marked improvement in your training in as little as 4 weeks (with consistent training and technique review) that you will not know how you did without it. 

Join now and enjoy over 300 positions (added to weekly) for the amazingly low price of $150.00 for a full year subscription or choose a monthly subscription for only $16.00. Cancel anytime!

Click the link below to visit the website. Press the tab “Join here” to accelerate your Jiu-Jitsu now! 


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