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White Belts Only

"White belts only supports new student development while reducing the stress associated with learning a new sport"

4 dedicated classes per week!

Beginning a new sport can sometime be intimidating. Trying to learning all the different movements as well as the rules, meeting new people and that thought that you might be negatively impacting your partners training time… Trust us, we have been there!

Well at Garra Jiu Jitsu we understand this and have created the BJJ Basic Concepts class to support new white belt student development while assisting in reducing the stress associated with learning a new sport.

BJJ Basic Concepts is a fun and supportive class that will increase a students muscle memory by utilising easy to remember drills that improve your physical skills while you consolidate your knowledge. The Basics class also has shorter rolling times which vary between 3-5 minutes apposed to classes for blue belts and above which ranges between 5-10 minute. This allows students to hone their skills better while gradually building the Jiu Jitsu fitness and stamina.

This class is perfect for beginners as there is no such thing as too much drilling and as they say, practice makes perfect!

While this class is for white belts only, white belts are welcome to most others classes on the schedule. So if you can’t make the BJJ Basic Concepts Class, never fear, there are plenty of other option to train!


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