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Q – Do you have classes for beginners?

A – We do! Garra BJJ HQ has 3 dedicated beginner classes especially for white belts. Check out the timetable for details. http://Garra HQ Timetable

Q – Are visitors welcome to Train?

A – Of course, Garra welcomes all visitors from overseas or interstate. We consider visiting to be for periods 1 month or less. (fees apply)

Q – What time should I arrive before class on my first day?

A – It is recommend that you arrive 15 mins before the commencement of class to fill out a Waiver and Health Questionnaire.

Q – Do I need to be fit?

A – No. We will help you get fit, that’s one of the benefits of Jiu Jitsu and to be honest, gym workouts will not prepare you for the cardio requirements of grappling.

Q – What should I wear (first class)

A – Females – Wear something comfortable like skins or other sports focused clothing. NO Singlets/tanks/shoe string tops/loose ties or Bikinis.

A – Males – Wear something comfortable like skins or other sports focused clothing. NO Singlets or tanks.

Note: Do not wear clothing with pockets/zips/buttons/metal attachments or hard items sewn into the fabrics.

Q – Where can I buy a Gi or NoGi apparel?

A – Garra BJJ have quality approved team Gi’s and NoGi apparel that can be purchased directly from each of our gym locations or on our website. Please note, this is our “Team Uniform” members wear approve attire only. (We accept alternative Gi for intersate or overseas visitors)

Q – What else should I bring to class?

A – Outside of a willingness to learn, a bottle of water, a towel and thongs (flip flops).

Q – What is the structure of a Jiu Jitsu class? 

A –  Classes normally consists of a warm up, technique demonstration and a chance to try the technique in a ‘roll’ followed by an opportunity to warm down and stretch.

Q –  What is a Roll?

A – A Roll (better know as ‘Rolling) is the term used for free form training. Similar to the term ‘Sparing’ which is used in striking sports. Rolling gives students the opportunity to use what they have learnt in class in safe and controlled situations.

Q – Are the instructors properly qualified?

A – Yes. All of our Garra schools maintain qualified coaches that are there to guide you in your bjj journey.  Here at Garra we believe in a high standard of training in a amicable community environment.

Q – Can I bring a mate?

A – Yes you and your mate are welcome to trial a class together or they can support you from the audience benches.

Q – Will there be other beginners?

A – Usually, Jiu Jitsu is very popular and at Garra there are classes specifically designed for the beginners to encourage this. Either way, all our students were beginners once and are always willing to help new comers.


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