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Brisbane City – Kelvin Grove (HQ)

Brisbane City – Kelvin Grove (HQ)

CONTACT Brisbane City – Kelvin Grove (HQ)

Club Information:

The Garra  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy at Kelvin Grove is, to our knowledge, the only full time BJJ academy in Brisbane.


Garra HQ maintains multiple adult BJJ classes 6 times a week catering from complete beginners to advanced belts.  Garra children have  their own team the Garra Crocs.

These classes range from ages 5 through to 15 years of age.  Garra has permanent high quality shock absorbent mats on the ground which reduce the chance of injury and are specifically designed for the rigors of  BJJ training. The club also has 2 toilets and shower facilities.

Time Table:

Garra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  Academy – HQ

Unit 1 / 81 Bishop Street,

Kelvin Grove,

Queensland 4059

Once you turn on to Bishop Street, you will see the ALDI Shopping Mart on the corner at the beginning of the street. We are the last building at the end of the street on the right.


Eduardo Dias

Anton Minenko

Fred Perrini

Lucas Sakae

Brendan Barkeij

Phone :0488 216 881


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