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New Students

Beginning a new sport (especially martial arts) can be daunting. Here at Garra Jiu Jitsu we want to make your first experience whether you are an adult or child (5 years and up) as easy and friendly as possible. To achieve this we have created this page especially for you!

So, where do we begin?

There are always so many questions when wanting to start a new sport that it can be overwhelming and sometimes make you quit before you even start. We have found through years of experience that in the beginning, it’s best to just keep it simple.

Your first goal should be getting yourself to a trial class. Don’t worry about gear, costs or any of that stuff. The most important thing is to ‘have a go’ and see if you like it.

To assist new students, here are 5 things to get you need to know to make that happen.

    1. What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?– BJJ is a martial art that focuses on fighting on the ground using chokes and joint locks to subdue an opponent.
    2. How Much does it Cost? – All locations offer a complimentary first class. (So it’s free!) This is so you can experience Jiu Jitsu first hand but more importantly so you can meet the instructors and students and get a feel for the environment.  After that, prices differ for each location depending on facility overheads. That said, each location has a range of pricing options to suit most budgets and when you arrive for your class you will be given a full info pack that covers everything.
    3. What do I Wear? – Something comfortable that is suitable for sport (no singlets or tanks and no pockets or zips). Also bring a towel, thongs and a water bottle. If you decide to keep training, we have a fully stocked apparel shop in house and can provide professional assistance in the purchase of a suitable Gi and other equipment. (Don’t go and buy all the latest gear and gadgets)
    4. Do I need to be fit? – No. We will help you get fit, that’s one of the benefits of Jiu Jitsu and while the instructor is in charge of the class, you are in charge of you and if you need to rest or take a break, just talk to the instructor, they won’t mind and in fact we encourage it!  Also to be honest on the fitness front, gym workouts will not fully prepare you for the cardio requirements of grappling. Jiu Jitsu is our passion and all of our instructors are dedicated to the goal of getting you (new students) addicted to this amazing sport.
    5. What should I expect in my first class? –  It is best that you arrive early (10-15 mins) so you can complete the health questionnaire and waiver. When class starts, you should expect a warm-up, technique demonstration, Jiu Jitsu related games for kids and then some type of ROLL which will provide you an opportunity to use what you have learned in safe and controlled situations. Here at Garra we pride ourselves on not having a one size fits all. How you participate in the class can be tailored to suit your specific capabilities. Have a bad knee? No problem, we will assist you in training smartly to minimise risk of further injury. Claustrophobic? We can help you train in a way to manage and hopefully overcome it. The key is to let us know any concerns up front.

Now you know the 5 major things to achieve that first goal, there is just one last thing you will need… The drive to achieve it.

Please note that we now have 4 dedicated White Belts Only classes every week!

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We hope to see you on the mats soon!

Love Life – Live Jiu Jitsu

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