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"Patience is often the key to success in a struggle against a larger opponent. Jiu Jitsu teaches patience"

Rank: Black Belt (1st Degree)

Brendan is a life long martial artist and has travelled and trained in a number of different martial arts styles. 

Brendan is known for his enthusiastic and detailed instruction. Particularly enjoying taking your hobbyist Jiu Jitsu practitioner and helping them to realise their full potential.   

“I like helping students, regardless of age or current physical capability to realise they have far more potential and ability than they give themselves credit. Watching a student discovery this untapped possibility, is truly rewarding”

Brendan teaches the morning classes on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. He is also available for private, personalised one on one or small (2-3 people) group sessions. 

Off the mat, Brendan loves Travelling, Playing music, Cooking (especially BBQ) Going to the beach, Paddle boarding, Skateboarding, Camping and spending time with his family.


  • BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) Black Belt (1st Degree)
  • Level 2 Coach  (AIS – Australian Jiu Jitsu Federation)
  • Senior First Aid Certificate


  • Silver U73kg’ NoGi – Black Belt – Sunshine Coast Open Championship
  • Silver ‘U70kg’ No Gi – Black Belt – Australian Grappling Championship
  • Silver ‘Open Weight’ Gi – Blue Belt – Inter-club Competition
  • Bronze – ‘U70kg’ Gi – Blue Belt – Qld Jiu Jitsu League (UAE World Pro Qualifier)
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