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"Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a game of leverage and balance. No matter what size, weight or gender you are, if you know these techniques you're able to get out of trouble."

Eduardo Dias – Head Coach

Rank: 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt

Eduardo Dias BJJ pedigree is from the famous Rolls Gracie lineage. A black belt under the legendary three times World champion Roberto Traven, he brings to Brisbane a wealth of experience and knowledge. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced practitioner or a competitor, Eduardo provides BJJ training in a friendly, safe and professional environment..

Eduardo Dias was born in Rio de Janeiro, the same city in which BJJ was created. First training BJJ at age of 14, Eduardo has since trained with some of the best athletes in the field. He grew up during the development of BJJ in Brazil, which allowed him to develop and adapt new styles and techniques into his training. He is the founder and head instructor of the Garra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team. He is also a qualified Personal Trainer, delivering customised classes that cover every aspect of fitness related to BJJ.


Rolls Gracie–> Romero Cavalcante-> Roberto Traven-> Octavio Couto->  EDUARDO DIAS -> You

Late Master Rolls Gracie   was considered  to be one of the most  technical Gracie Black Belts  of all time. Rolls technique was very innovative bringing lots of new elements to the art. He only awarded 6 black belts in his lifetime, including: Romero “Jacaré” Cavalcanti.


Romero is a 6th Degree Black Belt, master mind of the Alliance Jiu-Jitsu team and factory of many BJJ world champions. He is also a USA Army Rangers’ special Troop one-on-one combat instructor. He currently teaches in  the USA.

One of Romero Cavalcante’s Black Belts is 3rd Degree ,and 3 times world champion,  Roberto Traven.  Traven is a Legend of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu having won the ADCC, the premier submission grappling tournament in the world.


Traven together with Octavio Couto “Ratino” (one of the best BJJ instructors in the world), “Vini” Vinicios Campelo (Rickson Gracie Student and BJJ champion) were the direct tutors of Eduardo Dias..


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