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Lucas Sakae

Lucas Sakae

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"You will always learn something new, no matter how long you have been training"

Rank: BJJ  Black Belt

Lucas is a BJJ black belt and coach at Garra BJJ HQ. He teaches different classes such as kids, ladies only, beginners, and mixed belt classes. 

He left his career as a civil engineer to follow his BJJ dreams, teaching and training full-time. 

“I believe that Jiu-Jitsu as a martial art needs to go beyond sports and competitive training, in the modern days people forgot how to cultivate values, at Garra we seek the improvement of human beings as a whole in society, valuing human relationships and respect”. 


Lucas is a recognized referee and seasonal competitor, providing crucial insights for people that are willing to compete or just train for lifestyle. 




    • Champion of super fight at Tough roll competition
      Brown Belt -73kg


    • Gold Medal No Gi Pan Pacific IBJJF 2022
      Brown Belt Light weight


    • Bronze Medal Gi Pan Pacific IBJJF 2022
      Brown Belt Feather weight


    • Bronze Medal Gi Pan Pacific IBJJF 2022
      Brown Belt Open weight


    • Silver Medal Gi Australian Nationals AFBJJ 2022
      Brown Belt Feather weight


    • Gold Medal Gi QLD States Championship QBJJC 2021
      Purple Belt Feather weight


    • Silver Medal Gi South East QLD Championship QBJJC 2021





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